Record, edit and share your video news


Vimojo enables mobile journalists and professional video producers to tell thrilling stories whenever they need.

We help journalists make the most of mobile technology to speed up and improve their workflow. We are breaking the editing barrier to enhance their storytelling process by allowing them to record, edit on the go and distribute instantly their news content.

  • Advanced recording camera

    Exposure, frame rate or resolution, adapt your camera to every recording situation

  • Professional video edition in your hands

    Organize your video clips on the timeline and edit your project as you wish

  • Add text, voiceover and music

    Create and enrich your video content with one and only professional tool

  • Instant distribution

    Share your news video content on the go

Edit Room

Organize the clips on the timeline to tell the story you want. Mobile Journalism power is in your hands

  • Order clips
  • Trim
  • Split
  • Duplicate

Accurate tools

We offer you video edition tools with which you can edit your video news in a precise and professional way

  • Frame-by-frame accuracy
  • Select the precision level
  • Simple interface
  • Control your creations

Locution and Music

Add value to your story by introducing voiceover or a suitable music to your videos


  • Customizable music
  • Default Creative Commons music
  • Locution recording
  • Sound balance

Texting and graphics

The text layer on video news nowadays is trendy and terribly effective, use it to attract your audience

  • Add text to your videos
  • Choose between 3 positions
  • Easy to edit
  • Fast and intuitive

Become a hero of the new mobile journalism era


Move your newsroom into the journalist pockets

Discover a new level of audience engaging through quality video stories that matters leveraging on mobile technologies for video production and delivery

Shorten the time since a story is happening until its distribution to your audience

84 € 

Per Licence monthly*

Make video on mobile the most important part of your winning storytelling strategy, connecting with your audience.

  • Connects to your workflow
  • App updates and Premium features included
  • Customized storage platform
  • Personal training course 2h online
  • Tailored app (logo inserting, personalized branding
  • Professional camera
  • Broadcast quality HD 25fps and 30fps**
  • Linear edition
  • 1 Year contract
  • FTP connection 


* Taxes not included

**Device dependant

ViMoJo will assists you needs just contact!!

Super Hero

For broadcasters or news agencies

Saving time during the whole workflow of video news creation.

This is how millennial journalists and witnesses will work and distribute their news


149 €

Per month*

Become a pioneer like millennial journalists and witnesses now work and distribute their news

  • Connect with your workflow (CDN, CRM)
  • Customized storage platform
  • Leverage video metadata to improve your content discovery and management
  • Edit the metadata
  • Incorporate videos made by your audience
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Professional camera
  • Broadcast quality HD 25fps and 30fps**
  • Linear edition
  • FTP connection
  • Premium features included
  • 2h online course online
  • Customization of the application
  • 1 year contract


* Taxes not included
**Device dependant


ViMoJo will assists you needs just contact!!

Any questions on what plan suits you best? Please knock on our door, we will be happy to assist you

Professional video recording tools

A complete suite for media, professional journalists and witnesses. ViMoJo offers the possibility to make fast, high quality video news content with smartphones, without losing your brand’s identity

Video platform

We connect producers and consumers of video news

Businessman hands using cell phone with laptop at office desk.

Because the world of information is changing

ViMoJo will boost your content for as many channels as you need to satisfy. It will help you shorten the time gap between social media and you. This will increase the amount of audiovisual content you create to engage your audience.

ViMojo makes news coverage and distribution fast and easy

What is mobile journalism?

Mobile Journalism is emerging internationally as a new way of news media storytelling. In the extremely competitive environment of multimedia reporting, journalists and video creators are taking great advantage of mobile technology by using their devices to produce high quality news content. Using the same language as their viewers. Greatly improving their workflow. With ViMoJo, you can record, edit on the go and publish instantly your video news. A journalist will only need a mobile device and few equipment to cover breaking news anytime, anywhere, and send it straight to the newsroom.

Placing trust in us