Record, edit and share your video news.

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Edit Room

Organize the clips on the timeline to get your video edited as you want it, mobile journalism power is in your hands.

  • Order clips
  • Delete
  • Add from gallery
  • Horizontal edition option


Trimming with frame exactitude is essential for a professional news narrative, let your talent show off.

  • Duplicate
  • Trim
  • Split
  • Text

Texting and graphics

The Text layer on video news nowadays is trendy and terribly effective, use it to get the viewer’s attention.

  • Add text to your videos
  • Choose between 3 positions
  • Simple interface
  • Fast and intuitive

Locution and Music

For a journalist, to voiceover a video is a great tool for adding value to the story when you are showing different audiovisual resources.

  • Customizable music
  • Default Creative Commons music
  • Locution recording
  • Sound balance

Professional video recording tools

Available for Android and iOS

Placing trust in us

Customized System

Customize Vimojo System to your media business needs (from design to different app name or any other functionalities).


Dedicated support, developer team and all the help you will need to implement technology into your daily routine.

One app

All in one solution: One app can do four people's work (Journalist, Video operator, Video editor, Sound operator and much more).

Tailored technology

We understand your workflow and ViMoJo is perfectly tailored for you, no solution is perfect until is made for you.

Save money

There is no reason to wear heavy and expensive equipment any more, do professional news with your smartphone.

Time saver

With Mobile Journalism technologies you will gain competitive advantages, to deliver more and high quality news reports.