7 tips to be the best Mobile Journalist

If you are a journalist, you have probably realised already what a useful tool has your smartphone become within the last few years. Nowadays you can use it to record a news piece wherever you are, whenever the action is taking place. We hereby show you 7 tips you must bare in mind when recording with your smartphone, moreover if you don’t have a previous TV background.


  1. Your must try to make your shot firm and stable.There are many mobile stabilizers and gadgets that may help you do so.
  2. Your shot must focus the full action taking place, avoid “empty content”.
  3. When recording yourself use a selfie stick, it helps you make the shot at the correct distance so that your face appears proportionate.
  4. When no determined action is taking place your shots must be of approximately 5 to 6 seconds of duration. This will make editing quick and easy.
  5. To make your video steady and entertaining we suggest that when making a panning shot, count 2 seconds before moving, then move for another 5 and then wait 2 seconds more after stopping.
  6. When interviewing someone never step over the answer of the interviewee and don’t forget to name the person and his position.
  7. If possible, use a mic for your interviews, the sound will be clear and neat.


When starting to record videos there’s a lot of things you have to take into account at the same time you actually pay attention to the event happening just in front of you. But don’t worry practice makes the best of every journalist and the video language is something you end up learning. For us handy and practical apps like Vimojo, make recording and editing so much easier that your only concern should be the action. Try Vimojo yourself!

With Vimojo, a Mobile App for Journalists, it will turn so much useful. This mobile app helps Mobile Journalists do their job faster and effectively. They can record, edit and send to their media or broadcast live in a handy but professional way. Also they can add filters, background music, voiceover and titles, everything you may need to create great news pieces on the go.

Is there any other tip you thinks is missing?

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