9 mistakes to avoid for mobile journalists

Making mobile videos it may seem easy and fast, but even professionals can sometimes forget certain important things that may ruin their story.

So, if you are a “mojo” (Mobile Journalist) or trying to be one, the technique is all up to you, but we suggest you don`t forget these 9 tips before getting started:

  1. Press “airplane mode”. You won’t like someone to call or text you while recording, specially if you are livestreaming.
  2. Say no to vertical videos, unless is strictly necessary. Because the record button needs to be on the right hand side (or choose a software that enables you to switch to the left if you are left handed). Besides, some software may shoot videos upside down.
  3. Check your battery level. This may seem obvious but you will hate your phone to shut down while recording a big event. We recommend you to have an external battery to avoid this happening.
  4. Check no obstacles are ruining your shot neither the mic. Hold your mobile device without interfering with the image or sound you want to record. You won`t be the only one ever to have a finger over the lens or scratching the microphone.
  5. Clean the camera before using. Normally we don’t stop to do so, and after any spot on the camera can ruin your best shot.
  6. Make sure the “record” button is switched on, you won’t be the first one to record nothing.
  7. As well as a camera be sure to hold your device firmly so that you recording is straight. There is a lot of gadgets that can help you stabilize your image.
  8. And about light: don`t shoot videos against a backlight (for example the sun) and make sure you have applied white balance before shooting.
  9. And last but not least, check you have enough space on your device’s memory.

A mobile device is the most precious tool for journalists nowadays. And with Vimojo, a Mobile App for Journalists, it will turn so much useful. This mobile app helps Mobile Journalists do their job faster and effectively. They can record, edit and send to their media or broadcast live in a handy but professional way. Also they can add filters, background music, voiceover and titles, everything you may need to create great news pieces on the go.

We hope these tips are useful for you. If you think we are missing one please add your tips in comments.

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